10 Stupid People

slc_observationsOK, lets be honest.  This list could be 100 people strong and counting, but I decided to keep it to 10, but trust me this could be volume one if things keep going the way they are going.  For now, here’s my first 10 Stupid People list for 2014!  If you find yourself on this list, you deserve it!

  1. George W. Bush – started a war on lies!  Shame on you.
  2. Koch Brothers – yes its two people, but the two of them barely make one human being!  UGH!
  3. Jim Buss – I hate the Lakers, but you’ve fucked up everything your dad built.  Thank you!  #ClipperNation
  4. Bill O’Reilly – believes his own bullshit!
  5. Jim Porter/President of the NRA – You could do better if you wanted to.
  6. The Driver in the Prius that’s always driving slow in front of me – for fuck sake, can you at least go the speed limit!
  7. Sean Hannity – three words… Stupid fucking idiot!
  8. Dick Cheney – you fucked this country over more than any other stupid fuck out there. What’s sad is you did it on purpose!  #Evil
  9. Vladimir Putin – You lead a pretty good country with good people.  From what I can see you still do stupid things to hurt your people and NOT help them.  You have the ears of the world and NOTHING to say.  You can do better and you know it.
  10. Don Mattingly – Cuz you manage the Dodgers and the Dodgers suck.  You get out managed every year in the playoffs.  Thank you!  #SFGiants RULE!
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