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Welcome to StupidLifeCoach.com!

This is our simple way of giving back to all the stupid people out there. Trust me, there’s plenty of them! This is a HUGE problem in the world today that is not really ever discussed or even acknowledged... STUPID behavior. We all do stupid things, but some make a whole life of it. We're here for you, gonna help you get smart and have fun doing it.


Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0117

Another year and another Stupid Fuck of the Month!  It doesn’t stop now or will it ever.  There will always be too many to choose from.  SO... to start the year off right and fun.  [...]

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Stupid Fuck of the Month – 1216

So here we are.  The election is over and ignorance won.  I have to be honest, I’m very disappointed in the results, but not surprised.  Its a sad day for America and the world.  This [...]

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