Social Cues

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about street harassment and just generally about women receiving unwanted attention. If you listen (we’ve told you about the value of listening) to pretty much any woman, she has a story about being made to feel unsafe, because some man decided it was important to him to force his company on her. Generally speaking in public most women (most people in general) don’t want to be approached by strangers. You’re probably very interesting but that doesn’t mean people should have to put up with you. See a hot lady you want to meet and maybe think on some level you have a chance with? Give it some thought before you try approaching her.

  1. Is she wearing headphones? Don’t approach her. Yes, her music or podcasts or white noise she’s listening to is more important than you.
  2. Is she playing a game on her phone? She doesn’t want to hear your advice on it.
  3. Is she doing absolutely nothing but avoiding eye contact with everyone including you? Yeah, you’re not going to get her to come out of her shell.
  4. Did you share eye contact for a moment? Maybe say hello and if she doesn’t try to keep the conversation going after that, leave her the hell alone.
  5. Did she grab your head and shove it into her cleavage and gyrate against your crotch? You’re in a strip club. Pay the lady.

The key here is to respect other people’s right not to have to put up with you. You’re probably not a bad person, but people have whole lives outside of you and you don’t know what else is going on and you don’t want to be the thing that ruins a good day or the thing that makes an already bad day even worse.

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