Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0317

YO!  Another month, another FUCK yo!  This months FUCK is very special.  I wanted to step back and really think on this.  And I did.  This months stupid fuck is Kellyanne Conway.  This woman (using this word lightly) is so full of lies it makes me crazy!  Everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit.  Everything she says is “alternative facts”.  Every time she talks I want to blow up my TV.

What really bothers me is that she is married and has children.  What kind of man would want to be around this lying piece of shit?  What kind of example does she set for her children?  What bullshit does she tell them to help them understand why mommy lies so much?  These poor children will grow up not knowing what the truth is.  What reality is.  What kind of parenting is that?  I just feel sorry for her family.  I feel sorry for anyone who calls her a friend.

I know someday ALL this will come back & bite her in the ass.  I know this stupid fuck will get her’s.  I know for a fact that she will wake up one day and find she has lost ALL credibility from everyone around her.  One day she will snap and break.  Payback will be a bitch and she will not be nice.  Fuck Kellyanne Conway and your stupid fucking boss.  #FakePresident

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