Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0417

Yo!  Its April 2017 and time for this months BIG winner.  Without further ado this months Stupid Fuck of the Month is our fake president Donald Trump!!  This is getting too easy.  Like really easy.  He’s going to win this every month if he keeps going the way he’s going.  He’s a fucking idiot!!!  Seriously the biggest fucking idiot ever!  BUT I can’t decide if his supporters are worse.  You tell me.

Last month he lied more than ever, failed again at everything and still his fucking supporters and the Republican party still support him.  They are so desperate to keep power they don’t give a fuck about you, me or anyone or anything!  Its seriously fucked up.  This country is fucked and the future does not look good.  The only good thing I’m happy about… I live in California!  You supporters are stupid, afraid and fucked.

So lets see what this dumb fuck does in April.  Lets see what else he lies about and fucks up!  Lets watch his supporters deny and make excuses for this idiot.  The damage he’s doing will take a generation to undo, but will we survive, maybe.  Hold on tight mutha fuckers and enjoy the stupidest reality show on TV.

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