Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0515

slc_stupidfuckThis month I had too many to choose from so I really took my time to think about this months winner.   I wanted to make sure I found the right one.  SO without further ado this months Stupid Fuck of the Month is (drum roll please)… Lazy People!

What the fuck am I talking about?  Simply put… I’m tired of of people who make excuses, talk shit and complain that life sucks & do nothing about it.  Everyday I hear someone complain about their life and how everything sucks.  They do this while sitting on their asses doing nothing about it.  Get of your ass and make shit happen you lazy fuck!

What really bothers me is EXCUSES!!!  I’m so tired of them cuz everyone has one for everything.  For fuck sake… STOP with the excuses and man the fuck up!  All I hear… The sun was in my eyes.  The dog ate my homework.  There was a pebble in my shoe.  Blah blah blah!  Just do your job, do what you say and do it to your best of your abilities!  Action speaks louder than words!

I often wonder when LeBron James misses a shot or Buster Posey strikes out, do they say it was because they were tired, too busy thinking about their family, they didn’t get enough sleep or they have a cold.  I bet they don’t ever make excuses, but I think thats why they are great!  I bet they take responsibility and move forward.

Everybody wants success, fame and fortune, but does not wanna pay the price, pay their dues and do the work to get there.  Everything great in life comes from hard work and NO short cuts.  Get of your lazy as and get to work.  Make shit happen today and do NOT wait till tomorrow you lazy fuck!

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