Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0516

slc_stupidfuckAnother month, another stupid fuck!  This month I really had to think hard.  I mean there are so many people, places, organizations and things that have earned this award.  SO… Without any further delay… This months Stupid Fuck of the Month goes to the Republican National Party.  What a bunch of stupid fucks they have become!  I would call them a joke, but they take themselves way to serious & cause too many problems.  I’ve written about them before because there is so much to write about.  This time I want to talk about their lack of NEW ideas.

A few weeks ago John Kaisich was quoted saying “If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing. And frankly, my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas. They want to be negative against things.”  Fucking duh you fucking idiot!  I haven’t heard a new idea from the Republican party in like forever!  They say the same shit over and over.  They support the same OLD ideas and can’t seem to come up with anything new.  When someone comes up with a new idea, they piss on it and fight against it.  They’re the party of NO, denial and ignorance!  They’re the party that is afraid of change!  They’re the party of cranky old white men who yell at the kids to get off their lawn!

I sometimes wish I could meet some of these dumb fucks and ask them questions.  I really want to know if they believe the stupid shit the say.  I want to know if they have any new ideas that will help this country, the people and the world.  If they have a new idea I bet it has something to do with making them richer and fucking over everyone that they hate.

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