Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0517

This months Stupid Fuck of the Month is simple… ALL you stupid loser fucks who support our fake fucking president and his dumb ass ideas.  YOU need to wake the fuck UP!  We know yer ignorant and in denial, but could you please let go of the idea that he’s gonna make America great again.  He’s has NO idea what the fuck he is doing and you keep supporting.  How fucking stupid are you?  Don’t answer that.  I already know.

A great philosopher and actor I know you loved once said… “Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.” – John Wayne  Get your shit together, wake the fuck up, grow up and educate your dumb ass.  DON’T get pissed that we are laughing at you.  We can’t help but laugh at your ignorance!  I know I’m asking for the impossible, but maybe just one of you will wake up.  Maybe one of you will admit you were lied to and tricked into his bullshit.  Its OK to admit it!!!  Its the first sign of recovery.

Last, to all the news channels out there who keep interviewing these stupid fucks, STOP IT!!!  Stop acting shocked when some stupid fuck who is clueless and in denial supports a dumb fucking fake president.  YOU act like they people are smart and have brains and can think on their own.  They are stupid!!!!  Seriously stupid.  Stop giving them any time on TV or anywhere.  Just cuz they are louder, doesn’t mean they are smarter.

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