Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0616

slc_stupidfuck3This month I’m going to get straight to the point.  This months Stupid Fuck of the Month is Donald Trump supporters… AGAIN!!!  Since I wrote about this back in September 2015 things have gotten a lot worse.  The stupid fucking supporters are out of control.  Donald has gotten worse and his supporters are off the fucking rails.  Seriously, they are all out of control.  Its turned into a scary joke.  Its turned into a fucking mess.  Its turned into the perfect example of ignorance.  This has become super size stupidity!!

First, lets talk about “the Donald”.  I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t give a fuck about anything he says.  This man will say anything at anytime and NOT care what you or I think.  He’s the poster child for narcism and ignorance.  He’s like a cheerleader for the idiots!  Screams out stupid cheers and the crowd goes nuts.  I keep waiting for him to tell us that this is all a joke, but I don’t think its going to happen anytime soon.  I actually think he’s 100% serious.  God help us all.

As for these fucking stupid loser ass supporters.  I understand you’re angry with our politicians, our government and life itself.  I bet you think life hasn’t been fair to you.  I bet you think the government is all bad and are going to come take your guns away.  I bet you think the government should just leave you the fuck alone.  My question to you is simple… What are you truly afraid of?  Wake the fuck up and stop believing the shit the Republican party is selling you.  First, they don’t give a fuck about you.  Second, they spend their time scaring the shit out of you so they can control you.  Third, yes all politicians are lame, but the Republicans have caused most of the mess you are trying to get away from.  AGAIN, they don’t give a fuck about you!  They only care about their donors, money and power.

Hey supporters… Just do me a simple favor.  Take a step back, wake the fuck up and get a fucking clue.  You are being used & manipulated by a crazy fucking idiot who doesn’t give a fuck about you, your family, your life or your rights.  AND to all the Republicans who hated him, were against him and now supporting him… YOU are the biggest fucking pussies of all.  Choosing Donald over what is best for the country is weak, lame and stupid, but then again not surprising!  Have a nice day.

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