Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0617

I’m getting tired of this shit.  Really fucking tired of this fucking Fake President Donald “the idiot” Trump and his fucking heartless Republican Party!  FUCK these fucking loser idiots!!!  Its been 6 months and it feels like 60 years!  Again… this months STUPID FUCK OF THE MONTH is our fucking Fake President Donald “the idiot” Trump!  Just so you know I have this funny feeling he will win every fucking month while he is alive and in office.  I apologize in advance.

Everything the loser says and does is stupid.  His supporters are the biggest losers of all.  These ignorant simple minded fucks looking to make America great again should all fuck off and get a clue.  Your ignorance is yours and you wear it well.  Your ignorance is your life.  You live a life filled with hate and ignorance and then blame everyone else.  Trump blames everyone for everything and doesn’t give a fuck about YOU!  You stupid fucks still support him!  FUCKING IDIOTS!

I have a simple message for Trump, the Republican party and their supporters.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Your day is coming!!!  YOUR world views are old and outdated and will end just like you.  Payback is more than a bitch, she’s a fucking angry smart bitch!!!  Fuck off!

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