Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0716

You know I’m a HUGE Futbol/Soccer fan right?  Love the English Premier League, MLS and the International games.  You know I love the beautiful game more than most sports, but what pisses me off is the stupid fans!  So, this months Stupid Fuck of the Month goes to World Wide Futbol fans!  Holy fuck you’re so annoying!!!

First, grow the fuck up!  Its just a game!!!  Relax!  I’m tired of watching the European Championship games and watching you stupid fucks act like animals.  Its just a game!!!  Second, some countries have fans that are beyond stupid.  I won’t name names, but you know who you are.  The ones who throw things on the pitch, are bigots, racist and just fucking stupid.  Third, to the so-called hooligans, fanatics… Get a clue.  If you’re not there for the game… Get a fucking life.  Also ESPN, stop calling them hooligans!  Call them what they are… stupid idiots!!!  Fourth, fewer and fewer families are going to games cuz it becoming too dangerous.  This shit needs to stop!!!  The leagues and owners need to do a better job at making these games safe for everyone.  Fifth and last, to the players and owners… ALL of you need to say something and say it all the time.  NO more stupid behavior.  I really think if the players asked their fans to act better it would help, but the players don’t say much.  The owners need to be smarter and know that they are losing money!  If they want to be successful then the games need to be safe & fun for everyone.

In conclusion… Wake the fuck up you idiots!!  Its game for everyone and everyone should have fun.  Maybe you should act the same way at a game as you do at church?  Maybe you should get a clue?  Maybe you should shut the fuck up and grow up!  Maybe you should treat everyone with respect!!!  Maybe you should remember its just a game!!  Do I make myself clear?

PS.  To all you idiots who sneak in flares and set them off… I hope you burn you tiny dick off.

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