Stupid Fuck of the Month – 1016

slc_stupidfuckLets be real serious about this months SFOTM.  It goes to to fucking morons at FOX News!  I’m so fucking tired of their noise!  Its gone on for too long and has NOT been good for anyone or anything.  As a matter of fact, they have been bad for our country and the world!  The shit they spew is so ignorant its not even funny.  I honestly think the powers that be do not give a fuck about the truth or anyone.  They care about one thing… Money.  There’s an audience out there for this network… Their called ignorant, racist, bigots, morons, idiots, Republicans and traders!

Stupid people saying stupid shit to more stupid people.  Was that the business plan from the beginning?  I just don’t believe anything they say.  Why would you?  Everything that comes from this network is all stupid bullshit!  I just wish they would be honest enough to tell their fans & viewers the truth.  The truth that they lie, don’t care about them and all that matters is the bottom line… MONEY!

After the debates they pissed me off even more.  They see everything through one lens and that lens is cracked.  The denial is overwhelming and the stupidity obvious.  I could go and on for hours about these fucking idiots, but its makes me too angry.  I have better things to do.  Just know that I hate them, they suck, they lie, they don’t care and they represent ALL the wrong in our world.  STUPID fucking losers!!!  Fuck off and just go away you pieces of shit!

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