Stupid Fuck of the Month – 1116

slc_stupidfuck3YO!  This month is the BIGGEST month!  Its time to stand up and VOTE!!!  If you don’t vote, then shut the fuck up!  This months Stupid Fuck of the Month is no other than the biggest stupid fuck there is… Donald Trump!  I’ve said it for months that his followers, his party and his people are stupid as fuck, but this month I’m choosing to fucking KING of Stupid!!!  I fucking hate ALL that he stands for and says!  His ignorance knows no bounds.  He must not win!  Its that simple.

I’m so tired of turning on the TV and hearing his lies and listening to stupid news people try and analyze his stupidity!  They call him and raciest, bigot and misogynist.  What they should call him is a FUCKING IDIOT!!!  Stop with the nice words.  He doesn’t care what you call him.  He doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks or feels.  He only cares about himself.  A poster child for narcissism and ignorance!

So, listen up fuckers… Get out and vote!  Get out and vote for Hillary!  WHY?  Cuz she is the best person running and most qualified.  ALSO you know the Republicans will be happy cuz it gives them 4 more years of being total assholes!!!  You know they don’t have a new idea to fix anything or make this country great again.  You find me a Republican with a new idea and I’ll introduce you to my pet unicorn!

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