Stupid Fuck of the Month – 1216

slc_stupidfuckSo here we are.  The election is over and ignorance won.  I have to be honest, I’m very disappointed in the results, but not surprised.  Its a sad day for America and the world.  This months Stupid Fuck of the Month goes to the less than half of America that voted for the fucking idiot Donald Trump.  That’s right, less people voted for Trump and he still won the election because of the Electoral College.  How fucked up is this country when the man with less votes wins?  Seriously fucked up!  Its like if the Cubs won the world series and the Indians got the rings, trophy and parade cuz they had more games at their stadium.

Now that this asshole has won and the Republican party has complete power of our government I have to be honest.  I’m scare shitless!  This is the party that hates people, hates government, hates anyone not white and most of all only cares about themselves and their donors!  This is the party of hypocrites, liars & stupid fucks!  AND now they have all the power!  The amount of damage they can do to this amazing country is scary.  They can set us back decades with the decisions they make.  What scares me most is this is the party that does NOT believe in Climate Change.  Holy fuck!!!

SO now what?  What do we smart people do?  1st, hold on tight.  2nd, choose your battles!  3rd, never give up on the fight.  4th, keep the pressure on these stupid fucks.  5th, hope that the damage is minimum and its just enough for the stupid people to catch on.  Then maybe in the midterm elections they will wise up and vote these fuckers out of office!!!  LAST, most important… Stick together and stay strong no matter what goes down.  Thank you!

PS.  Don’t listen to what Donald says, watch what he does!  Very little I’m sure.  He’s a con man & most of all full of shit!

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