Stupid Fuck of the Month – 0117

Another year and another Stupid Fuck of the Month!  It doesn’t stop now or will it ever.  There will always be too many to choose from.  SO… to start the year off right and fun.  This months Stupid Fuck of the Month is the next president of these United States… Donald Trump.  From what we can see so far, these next few years are going to be a fucking mess and filled with a shit load of drama!!!  He’s not even the president and he’s being a BIG fucking asshole already!

Here’s my predictions for the Trump presidency…. 

  1. He will not finish the 4 years.  Something will happen and he will not make it through 4 years.  Just watch!
  2. ALL those fucking stupid republicans he talked shit about will keep sucking his cock, until his shit storm causes serious damage.  They will jump ship and act like they didn’t support him to begin with, but they will have his cum all over their lying faces!
  3. He will grab someone’s pussy.  Most likely Mitch McConnell’s!
  4. He will set this country back 50 years with his policies.  The divide will grow bigger and this country will not move forward on anything.  NOT when people make millions and millions off dollars of the status quo!
  5. He will say the stupidest shit you ever heard and NOT give a fuck about what anyone thinks!  (he’s been doing that since day one)
  6. The press will act shocked by everything he says and does, but will NOT hold him to the fire.  They will let him get away with stupidity!
  7. The republican party will fuck up even more shit and the people of this country and NOT care one bit.  Just like they always have!
  8.  Donald will start a war with someone.  Hopefully not Mexico.  Just a bit too close to home.
  9. He will NOT build a wall, drain the swamp or do anything he said he would.  His fucking stupid supporters will show their ignorance and still suck his dick.  They will laugh off the empty promises, say they still support him just so they don’t look as stupid as they are.  Denial is strong with these fucking idiots!
  10.  Last, he will make millions of dollars for his family and friends.  They will do this in suspicious ways, but will not give a fuck.  Basically he will not give a fuck about you, me or anyone that isn’t sucking his dick!!!

Now do your best to stay away from the daily updates and news when it comes to this stupid fuck or you will get depressed.  These next 4 years are going to be unlike any 4 years before.  Hold on tight and stay focused on your life, your health and your family.  Good luck!

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