Stupid vs Dumb

slc_observationsAt we often get asked… “Whats the difference between stupid and dumb?”  You would be surprised to know there is a big difference.  Well, not BIG, but there is a difference.  I think I know the difference, but do you?

Wikipedia definition for STUPID… The modern English word “stupid” has a broad range of application, from being slow of mind (indicating a lack of intelligence, care or reason), dullness of feeling or sensation (torpidity, senseless, insensitivity), or lacking interest or point (vexing, exasperating). It can either imply a congenital lack of capacity for reasoning, or a temporary state of daze or slow-mindedness.

I went on the internet and found a few fun opinions…

“Dumb means not having the ability to speak with clarity while stupid means not admitting your mistake and think it is correct all the time.”

“Everyone is born dumb staying that way is stupid.”

“Dumb is knowing just enough to ask and stupid is not knowing enough to ask.”

“Dumb is someone who doesn’t know better, stupid does.”

“Dump is not knowing at all..stupid is an action.”

“A person who is dumb can’t speak.  A person who is stupid shouldn’t.”

AND the best explanation can be found here, thanks to Lewis Black

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