Stupid Fuck of the Month – 1116

YO!  This month is the BIGGEST month!  Its time to stand up and VOTE!!!  If you don’t vote, then shut the fuck up!  This months Stupid Fuck of the Month is no other than the biggest stupid fuck there is... Donald Trump!  I’ve said it for months that his followers, his party and his people [...]

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Stupid vs Dumb

At we often get asked... “Whats the difference between stupid and dumb?”  You would be surprised to know there is a big difference.  Well, not BIG, but there is a difference.  I think I know the difference, but do you? Wikipedia definition for STUPID... The modern English word "stupid" has a broad range of [...]

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Are Politicians Stupid?

Wanna make this quick... I’m a bit of a political junkie.  I read lots, watch my share of cable new shows and have paid attention to politics for over 25 years.  I come to the conclusion that politicians are the stupidest fucks there are.  I don’t care what party they “work” for, they are ALL [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

Here’s five simple tips to make yourself smarter.  These are not rules, but guidelines.  They are simple tips to improve you behavior and help others around you.  I live by these simple tips everyday of my life... Be nice always - no matter what, be nice!  Never stop being nice and you will win every [...]

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